Monday, 27 August 2012

Who's on your dream team?

          Ever wondered what it would be like for Orr to play with Lidstrom? or maybe Lemieux with the rocket? What about a game being played with Martin Brodeur at one end and Johnny Bower on the other. It's fun to think up all kinds of match-ups in your head if players from different generations could play against or with one another.

          So with that being said what if you were the gm of a team and you could have anybody to ever play the game on your team what would your starting 6 look like? here's mine....

          Well start from the crease out,arguably your goalie is the person who makes or breaks the team. We've seen what a hot goalie can do for a team (i.e Quick) so to pick a goalie is one of the hardest decisions. Now i''ll start off saying that I don't necessarily think the people i choose are the best at there positions I just like these players and would love to see them on the same line.My goalie that i choose has to be Martin Brodeur. Brodeur is definitely my favourite goalie of all time, he holds the records for most wins,most wins in a season,most career shutouts and many more. ( I know he has the most losses of all time too but come on he's been around awhile) For me there's no other one Brodeur gets my nod between the pipes.

         Next up is my D-pairing, this was a tough one to choose.Now Bobby Orr is a no brainier,he holds many records including most points in a season by a defence men (139) WOW! 19 more than Crosby's best season. Most assists by a defence men in a season (102) and 8 consecutive Norris Trophies just to name a couple achievements. Now to pick his partner, this was tough i could think of at least 10 suitable players but I boiled it down to 3: Paul Coffey,Ray Bourque and Nick Lidstrom. Now I'm going to pick Lidstrom for the reason that he is an unbelievable defender, he has great vision and he's a true leader. Lidstrom is a 4 time Stanley Cup winner,7 time Norris trophy winner and he won a Conn Smythe award in 2002, pretty great stuff. I would to see them play together,they would be my d-pair for sure.

        Now the interesting part...the forwards. For my left winger I got to choose my favourite player of all time Wendel Clark. The guy was an absolute beast I encourage you to check out his tribute "All Heart" on YouTube if you don't have a clue why I picked him(I'll post a link) he could hit,fight and score he was a one man wrecking crew in his day and he would be my left wing.

       My next choice is the right wing position for that I would love to have Mike Bossy. Bossy was a scoring machine! 573 goals in 752 games. He scored 50 goals or more in a season 9 years in a row with a career high of 69 not bad at all I just wish he played more than 10 years.

     Now last but not least we need a center, there is a TON of great players to choose from so I'll just say my pick. First I'll get this out of the way....I'm not a Gretzsky fan ....there I said it. So with that being said I pick Mario Lemieux to be my center his points are ridiculous...1723 pts in 915 games. He would be the perfect center beteween these to guys; he has size,playmaking abilities and size to dominate down low for me there is no other better than Mario Lemieux.

     So, how did I do? What do you agree or disagree with? Let me no in the comment section what your team would look like.

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