Thursday, 23 August 2012

Quick Hit: Who's the best goalie in the league? Quick or Lundqvist?

            The NHL has changed over the last 20 years dramatically.With goalies improving in skill each year it's harder and harder to determine who's the best. It seems every year multiple goalies step out of the shadows and climb right to the top of the heap of top goalie. Just this year alone we seen Jonathan Quick flourish late in the season to cement himself as 2012 best. Notable others are Washington Capitals, Michal Neuvirth- a flash in the pan or future star? Another goalie who really figured it out was Phoenix Coyotes,Mike Smith.At the beginning of the 2011-2012 Smith was thought to be a decent goal very respectable numbers but someone who never broke through to be a star, well that has change. With an incredible post season Smith has become a goalie any team would love to have.

           So with that being said who's the best goalie? It's hard to say really, a goalie that's hot one year my not do so well next year. Then there are goalies that just seem to play great no matter what team is in front of them or how old they are. Here are the two goalies I think are top two in the league. I'll let you decide who's the best.

         Johnathan Quick- Alright it's a no brainier, we all watched the playoffs this year and it was almost impossible to ignore Quick, he was outstanding for the L.A Kings. Quick posted a 35-25-13 record in the regular season with a 1.95 GAA second to only Brian Elliot of the St.Louis Blues. Quick than went on to have a legendary post season carrying the 8th seeded Kings to the Stanley Cup. Topping his regular season stats Quick managed a 16-4 record along with a 1.41 GAA.Can Quick live up to these numbers next year? I think so he is young and still awaiting his prime.

       Hendrik Lundqvist- The next goalie in my top 3 has to be Hendrik Lundqvist , I choose Lundqvist not only cause he's a tremendous talent but he is also crazy consistent. He has never posted less than 30 wins in a season while playing for the Rangers and arguably his worst season he put up a 35-27-14 record...not too shabby.At the age of 30 Lundqvist seems to not be slowing down one bit. 


           So, did i get it right or wrong? Do these two deserve to be at the top or is there another goalie that should be the king of the mountain let me know in the comment section.


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